Electrification made easy for your business

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A IVI project

A true innovation hub, the Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) has over 25 years of experience in the development of electric, autonomous and connected vehicle prototypes, making it the benchmark in transportation electrification.

Within IVI, the Technological Applications Group acts as a technical expert that facilitates the energy transition of companies and municipalities. This Group supports companies in the application of their technologies in real-world conditions to ensure that they are operational and adapted to their needs.

Events (Fall 2022)


Information and awareness

“Learn the basics of electrification and test drive electric trucks”

Two (2) one-day national events are planned in the fall of 2022 to get heavy-duty vehicule fleet managers together from a hundred compagnies.

All the considerations regarding an electrification project will be covered in these workhops and participants will be able to test-drive electric trucks.

Analysis and preparation for action

“Electrification of heavy transport: the Innovative Vehicle Institute debunks the myths by analyzing the potential for implementation in 30 local fleets”

Beginning fall of 2022, thirty (30) companies  will be supported over a period of 3 months each to carry out an energy and operatios analysis of a part of their current fleet. They will also receive a personalized action plan.