“Empowering Your Business through Effortless Electrification Solutions”

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A IVI project

The Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) stands as an exceptional hub of innovation, boasting a remarkable 25-year legacy dedicated to pioneering advancements in electric, autonomous, and connected vehicle prototypes. With a rich history of expertise, IVI has established itself as the forefront leader in transportation electrification.

Operating within IVI, the Technological Applications Group serves as a premier technical expert, strategically aiding companies and municipalities in their energy transition endeavors. This specialized group provides invaluable support by facilitating the seamless integration of cutting-edge technologies into real-world settings, ensuring their practicality and alignment with specific operational requirements.

Phase 1

Information and Awareness

“Get Ready for the Evolution towards Electric Heavy-Duty Transportation”

IVI will host regional workshops aimed at bringing together fleet managers from around a hundred companies for day-long events. They’ll participate in an educational presentation covering every aspect of an electrification project and have hands-on experience testing electric trucks.

Phase 2

Analysis and preparation

“Heavy Transport Electrification: Innovative Vehicle Institute Debunks Myths, Analyzing Implementation Potential in 30 Local Fleets”

Starting in the fall of 2022, thirty (30) companies will receive support over a three-month period to conduct an energy and operations analysis on a segment of their existing fleet. Additionally, they will be provided with a tailored action plan.

Phase 3

Experimentation and support

“IVI and five (5) Quebec fleets showcase the tangible reality of heavy-duty transport electrification.”

Five (5) freight carriers will participate in testing an electric heavy-duty truck under real-life conditions. These companies will have access to a complimentary one-month loan of an electric truck, complete with the necessary charging infrastructure.